Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pittsburgh, the new city

Once you get past the historic city, the modern city emerges with lots of glass towers, beautiful artwork and parks.

Don't you love the art? From sculptures to window displays. Of course I couldn't walk in these shoes if my life depended on it.

Lots of corners of clocks. Wonder if they have a central point to keep the time accurate?

Pittsburgh 2010

Pittsburgh is an old city in the middle, with lots of great buildings. I got to wander part of the city for part of the day. While I don't know the names of them, or their significance, I had a blast with my camera.

The old fortress for the city is now used for city offices, like courthouse, jail and administrative offices.

What a wonderful building to restore. Can you see the courtyard the way it was once, with flowers and shrubs, with vines everywhere with a center fountain? Instead of a place to take a smoke break.
Then there are the churches.
Between the beauty of the churches and the sculptures, the history of the city is well preserved.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Leaving DC, Old Alexandia

Old Alexandia, Va. What do motorcycle riders do on Saturday nights? They cruise Old Alexandia and hang out at the Irish pub.

In the daylight Old Alexandria is a pretty little town full of great shops and lots of history.

Inside of the antique shops are full of wonderful treasures.

It was so hard to not spend money.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

D.C pt. 3

You have to have a photo of yourself on the stairs of the Lincoln Memorial. So here I am.

And here's Shelagh.

Part of the police force patrols via horseback. The horses are very tolerant of people wanting to pet them.

One of the newest monuments is dedicated to the Korean War. It's an incredible powerful monument and deserves a moment of dedicated reflection. How many people know anything about what we did and why? Does anyone realize that technically still at war?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

DC, part 2

Looking toward the Washington Monument from the WWII memorial. With all the fountains and pools it's a very cool spot on a hot day.

I do get in front of a camera every now and then.

Shelagh and her favorite hat.

The Reflecting Pool looking toward the Lincoln Memorial.

Wow, I'm in front of the camera again.

The Lincoln Memorial. I admit it, I took the elevator instead of the stairs. Do you know how many stairs lead to the inside?

Inside the Memorial. Probably the most famous statute in the US.

Looking toward the Washington Monument from the top of the stairs of the Lincoln Memorial.