Friday, August 20, 2010

A new chapter in life

In anticipation of moving to North Carolina Ken's beautiful Harley trike has a new home in San Diego. Doug and Peg arrived last weekend to ride it south. They had quite an adventure down the Alcan that I'm sure I'll hear all about.

The four of us in front of Chilkoot Charles at the beginning of a long journey.

Doug and Peg starting out on a huge adventure.

Ken's house with the evidence of it being sold. Selling it was just the start of the work. Since it was an old house it has to be brought up to fire code. Which includes a new roof and new windows in the 2nd floor bedrooms. Plus electrical upgrades and changes.

The movers packing the house while Ken watches over it.

Packing a container van with everything. There was enough space for the truck as well. Everything is heading south via barge and truck.