Friday, August 14, 2009

My felines 2009

I am owned by two Birman cats. They are not purebreeds, neutered males and around 3 years old. Oscar above on my computer desk.

And Felix, helping me with laundry.

Felix on the couch. He's blue eyed with white paws and seal points markings. His cream colored coat is dusted with brown. This picture and the one below were taken by my girlfriend Leah over Memorial Day weekend. Felix fell in love with her. There is a legend attached to the Birman breed. Felix is my 'Pretty Boy' and I call him that so much he answers to it.

Oscar looking sexy. Same markings as Felix, but doesn't have the brown socks on his back legs. He claims my bed most nights. I don't know if they are littermates or not. They are pound kitties. Couldn't take one without taking both. Oscar was discovered in a wolf snare, Felix not too far away. Since they were both found on Fort Richardson I think they were probably abandoned by a military family being reassigned. Which is a rotten thing to do to pets by the way.

When I got them they were fairly skittish and very thin. Oscar hid his food, pulling a rug over his dish when he was done. They are named Oscar and Felix for 'The Odd Couple'. The names fit. Oscar is a loud mouthed slob. Felix is quiet and dainty. Oscar talks all the time, knocks over his food dish if he's not happy with it and sheds clumps. Felix flicks one kernel of food from his dish at a time, chases it around the kitchen floor, then eats it. He likes to be combed and lies on his back to be brushed.

Oscar in the mountain ash in the yard.

Both of them checking out the car after I washed it. So nice, footprints all over my clean car.

I really didn't think they would want to go out in the snow. I was wrong. They played in the snow until they had snowballs all over them. Then I had to wipe them dry, comb their fur and clean up the kitchen floor after they came in. This past winter they demanded snow time every time we had new snow. I have shelters for them under the deck in case they are outside for any length of time. By the time winter was over they had tunnels to every entrance under the deck.

Felix (in front) and Oscar, on the lounge chair on the deck. Remember I said there was a neat legend about the breed? Here it is:

The Sacred Cat of Burmah (Birman) is yet more veiled in obscurity than its supposed descendant the Siamese, and we are indebted to Russell Gordon for the only authentic account of this species that has reached our shores. He gained his information during the Burmese War of 1885 whilst serving as an officer in the English Army occupying Burmah. His position enabled him to protect certain kittahs, or priests, whose lives were in danger, and in return they bestowed on him unprecedented privileges of entry into their secret and sacred places.

From his account we learn that the Indian Brahmins were the bitter enemies of the people of Khmer and their beloved kittahs. From the commencement of the eighteenth century they had mercilessly pursued and massacred these priests, who, to escape from their persecuting zeal, fled to North Burmah, where the mountains afforded security from pursuit. There, amid chaotic labyrinths and dizzy precipices, the indomitable kittahs founded the marvelous subterranean Temple of Lao-Tsun (the Abode of the Gods), and practiced the secret rites that were closed to all but the higher castes among their own people.

Gordon describes the Temple of Lao-Tsun, as " one of the greatest marvels of the East—situated to the East of Lake Incaougji, between Magaoung and Sembo, in an almost desert region of immense peaks and chaotic labyrinths, it offers a barrier of insurmountable walls. Here there still existed in 1898 the last kittahs (priests), and as a most extraordinary favour I was permitted to see and observe them and their sacred animals.

Following the rebellion and the English occupation, at the base of Bhamo (a base very isolated and distant from Mandalay), we had to protect the kittahs against a Brahmin invasion, and we saved them from certain massacre and pillage. Their Lama-kittah received me, and presented me with a plaque representing the Sacred Cat at the feet of a bizarre deity, whose eyes are made of two long sapphires (specimen "No. 4108 in my collection at Mildenhall), and after having shown me the sacred cats, in number about a hundred, explained their origin to me." This he did by relating the following beautiful legend :


" When, with the malevolent moon, the barbarian Siamese Thais came to the mountains of the Sun, Mun-Ha was living in the Temple of Lao-Tsun. Mun-Ha, the most precious among the most precious, for whom the god Song-Hio had woven the beard of gold. This venerable priest had ever lived in rapt contemplation of Tsun-Kyankse, the goddess with eyes of sapphire who presided over the transmutation of souls about to receive their dues, whose searching gaze none could evade. Mun-Ha had an oracle who dictated his decisions, and this was his cat Sinh, whom the kittahs fervently revered.

" Seated close to his dread master, Sinh lived in the contemplation of the goddess. The beautiful animal His eyes were yellow like gold from the reflection of the metallic beard of Mun-Ha, yellow like the amber body of the goddess with the sapphire eyes.

" One night, at the rising of the moon, the Thais menacingly approached the sacred Temple. Then, invoking destiny, Mun-Ha died, weighed down by years and anguish. He died in the presence of his goddess ; close beside him was his divine cat, and the kittahs lamented their cruel loss. But suddenly, the miracle of immediate transmutation took place. Sinh bounded on to the holy Throne. Supported on the head of his stricken master he faced the goddess. And the hair along his spine blanched to a golden hue. His eyes, golden of the gold of the beard woven by the god Song-Hio—his eyes changed to blue—immense, abysmal, sapphire—like to the eyes of the goddess. His four feet, brown as the earth, his four feet which contacted the venerable skull, whitened to the claws, to the toe-tips, thus purified by the touch of the puissant dead.

" Sinh turned towards the South Door, his imperious gaze, in which could be read an imperative order, possessed of an invincible force the kittahs obeyed. Then they closed on the ancestral enemy the bronze doors of the holy Temple, and passing by their subterranean tunnel they routed the profane invaders. " Sinh refused all nourishment, and would not quit his Throne. He continued standing erect and facing the goddess—mysterious priest—fixing his steadfast gaze on her eyes of sapphire, partaking' of their fire and sweetness.

" Seven days after the death of Mun-Ha, erect on his purified feet of white, without lowering an eyelash, he died. Thus was borne away towards Tsun-Kyankse the soul of Mun-Ha, which was too perfect for earth. But, for the last time, his look turned slowly towards the South Door

" Seven days after the death of Sinh the kittahs assembled before Tsun-Kyankse to choose the successor of Mun-Ha. Then —Oh wonder !—There came in slow procession the hundred cats of the Temple. Their feet were gloved in white ; their snowy hair emitted the reflection of gold, and the topazes of their eyes had changed to sapphires.

" The kittahs fell prostrate in an attitude of devout fear, and waited. Did they not know that the souls of their masters inhabited the harmonious forms of the sacred animals ? And these, solemn and grave, surrounded Legoa—the most youthful of the priests—and so revealed the will of Heaven. When a sacred cat dies in the temple of Lao-Tsun, the soul of a kittah re-enters—to quit no more—the mysterious paradise of Song-Hio, the god of gold. Unhappy are those who even involuntarily hasten the end of these formidable and venerable cats : the most dreadful torments are reserved for them, that the soul in pain may be appeased." (From the French of Marcelle Adam.)

The above is from the Birman website.


leah said...

hey Anna, I took two of the close pictures of your kids ( on the sofa) can I have a line credit? ;>


Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Cool cats! Snow tunnels... ahhh, distant memories.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Leah: She did give you a photo credit when describing the pics. OT for Leah: R U still golddigging???? LOL