Friday, January 29, 2010

What cats do

Since I spend a lot of hours away, either at the office or at various locations around the state it's important that my furry companions have lots of toys. But today I'm working from home. So I'm happily typing away in my office when I heard this awful noise from my bedroom. It sounded like lots of crashing and glass breaking. When I hot footed it down the hall, this is what I found.

Oscar, my 20lb + male cat has gotten between the window blinds and the window, balanced on a small window shelf, with his butt hanging through the blinds. His trip to get there included my dresser, the jewelry box, and the window curtains.

He thought he was quite beautiful and smart. While I was pondering how he got there and how I was supposed to get him out, I discovered the reason he was perched so uncomfortably and destructively in my bedroom window: the power line outside the window was lined with ravens, balancing on the wire and teasing the cat.

Felix couldn't be bothered with the activity outside of the window. His morning consisted of occupying my bed and shedding everywhere.

Yes, he knows he's gorgeous. He'll tell you that too while he's being brushed. So much for me accomplishing anything in my office.


Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Cool cats. I gots ta meet em someday.

leah said...

me loves Felix, purrrrrrrrrr