Sunday, June 5, 2011

A new home

Leaving Alaska caused a lot of things to happen. One thing is to have Oscar shaved before we arrived in a hot climate. He will be much happier then with 6 inches of thick fur. His brother has a different fur and doesn't have the thick undercoat.

Both cats flew in the airplane with me. That was an adventure in itself. From Anchorage to Charlotte through Chicago was a 12 hour day for 2 felines to stay confined. Fortunately there is a wonderful chemical spray that my vet said would 'put my cats in a happy place.' He was so right. Except for going through airport security it wasn't a bad experience. Oscar slipped his harness at the checkpoint and I ended up with scratches. Please tell me that having TSA ex ray a pet carrier will help keep America safe.
A dear friend and her daughter came with me; you can only have one animal per person. 2 cats, 2 people.

The first week back was a whirlwind. Between getting the cats used to a new environment, showing friends around and unpacking a few things there were a lot of long days. The first weekend back in the 'Lower 48' we had tickets for the Charlotte Speedway. This was a real first experience and I must say it's impressive. 150,000 people, cars, noise and races. The noise and air generated by a pack of cars all going through a turn at the same time has to be experienced to be understood. Even with earplugs the noise is unbelievable.

The entry into the racetrack. People. people, people.

The racetrack sponsored a salute to disabled veterans. Everyone on the track was disabled in some devastating way.

The track is so impressive.

Energizer battery company wanted to set a record for the number of battery operated lights lit at once. They handed out thousands of LED headlamps and at 830 pm everyone turned them on. The record was set and I have a great headlamp.

The following weekend we took off to Carowinds Amusement Park. It's been over 30 years since I've been to the park. There are more rides, lots more people and a whole lot more expensive.

The park has added lots of new roller coasters, ones that go upside down and sideways. No thanks. I rode Thunder Road which is a double track wooden roller coaster and about had my head snapped off. I really don't enjoy roller coasters anymore. The neck doesn't like being snapped.

But the park is full of fountains and streams and beautiful little places to sit and watch the birds. But there is way too many people to enjoy the park.

Ken's reaction to the whole thing. Take a nap in the shade. He didn't enjoy it at all. Long hot day in and out of the sun made him sick. Problem with having mobility problems; can't enjoy amusement parks.

Next trip Myrtle Beach.

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