Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Miraflores, Peru. On the way home

I left Cuzco the next day, catching a flight to Lima.  My plans had been kinda side-tracked.  Lima is the capital of Peru and where I would fly out of, back to Miami and eventually home.   I really wanted a night to take a long hot bath, a good glass of wine and a long sleep before catching my flight home at midnight. But I had been warned many, many times not to stay in Lima overnight.   The travel agencies, the cab companies, even the tour companies all stated that I would be mugged, as an American woman, traveling alone, if I stayed in Lima.  I listened to the warnings and found the Renaissance Hotel in Miraflores, 30 miles outside of Lima.  A cab took me to Miraflores without incident and I spent the evening and most of the next day exploring a very beautiful city and the wonderful people calling it home.

During my one day there I wandered the beaches, stopping for lunch at a wonderful restaurant halfway out on a boardwalk while I watched the surfers waiting for the perfect wave.

The beach was accessible via a huge wooden and stone staircase down the cliff where the city was perched.  I would have loved to have had a bathing suit and a beach towel to enjoy the sun and surf.  Unfortunately, I was packed and I didn't want to deal with wet clothing, sunburns and sand.

The parks along the highway were full of artwork and flowers.

The sidewalks were wide and clean to walk on.

 Their Virgin Mary watches over all the gardens and tourists enjoying the area.

I left Miraflores late in the afternoon to Lima, then flew home to Miami and Charlotte.  It had been quite the adventure and while I'd love to do it again it was probably a once in a lifetime trip.

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