Monday, June 15, 2009

Homer, Alaska

My job takes me around Alaska. One of my recent trips took me to Homer, where I stayed in a nice little Bed & Breakfast, overlooking the Homer Spit.

Rock gardens and lots of annual flowers decorate the grounds of the home I stayed in.

The view from the deck. The long arm of land is known as the Homer Spit. It marks the head of Kachamak Bay. At the end of the spit is the port and harbor for the local fishing fleet.

Walking the numerous trails opens up wonderful vistas of glaciers across the bay. Our long hours of daylight reveals different views.

Rainbow over the Spit in the long twilight.

Twilight casts everything in long hours of 'alpine' glow. The magic hours cast pink light on white snow.

The Bear Winery in Homer. Since we don't have grapes, our local wines are made with berries. Everything from blueberries to rhubarb. Wines are usually sweet and great with desserts.

The winery is a bit of local color not well known to most visitors to the state. But a day trip to Homer while you score a few bottles of wine is a great way to spend a long summer day.

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Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Did you know that you probably chatted with "A Girl and Her Dogs" at Bear Creek Winery? She's working behind the counter and minding Libby Riddles' dogs for the summer.

Small world, eh?