Friday, June 19, 2009

Unalaska Island, Alaska

Like I've said before, I travel all over the state. I was recently in Unalaska. Unalaska Island is one of the many islands on the Aleutian Chain. It's claim to fame was WWII, the biggest fishing port in the US and now the home of 'The Deadlist Catch', a TV show about the Bering Sea crabfleet.

The remains of WWII are scattered all over the island. From half buried Quonset huts to steel rings where the big guns were mounted, and machine guns bunkers buried in the grass, the evidence of the war tell the story of the island.

A few roads criss-cross the island for the intrepid explorer to use in the summer months. The grass is deep and long, hard to walk on but camflagouing ancient artifacts.

I was there with some co-workers to discuss airport concerns, like always. The weather helped and we had some blue skies and dry dirt roads to use, instead of 4-wheeling through mud bogs.

One of the roads parellels the coastline closest to the community, giving you access to tidal pools, sea urchins, clams, and places to cast out for halibut. At low tide the remains of ancient fishnets, wrecked fish boats, and trash appears. The deep bay offers shelter for freighters and the fishing fleet.

From the air the remotest of the island is readily apparent. A thousand miles of cold arctic waters seperate the island from the nearest urban center. One little 4000 foot runway provides access to anyone willing to fly.

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