Saturday, July 18, 2009

Brief trip to King Salmon

I'd forgotten I have these. Summer of 07 I spent a week in King Salmon, AK doing some filming for work. It was July which meant 2 things; bugs and bears. The bears are fishing and the bugs are attacking any portion of the human body not covered. I can't claim the following photos but I wanted to share. The film crew I was with had lots of better equipment than I had, plus I wasn't willing to be eaten alive by noseeums and white soxs to get a picture of a grizzly. So the film crew from Washington D.C. got ate instead of me.
The river runs right beside the lodge we stayed at. From the hot tub you could watch the bears.
Of course if you were brave enough to be in the hot tub (because of the bugs) you deserved to see the bears.

Someone put a bear skull on a stick as a good luck omen. Yeah, right.

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