Friday, November 27, 2009

Hawaii adventures

What's Hawaii without some time on a beach? Depending on how you look at it there's lots of 'eye candy' to be seen.

I'm told that usually the beaches are a lot more crowded. A sign of the economy. But I've been there twice now and both times I was told the same thing. Maybe it's because I don't travel during the holidays and spring break.

And you have to attend a luau. Roasted pig in a hole, lots of costumed dancers and lots of laughs.

Then you get dragged up on stage to do a hula. Which was more fun then I thought.

Ken, me and Mekenna. Who says Ken can't get into the spirit of a luau?

I did not know you could go into the Dimond Head crater via tunnel. The old volcano is long extinct.

Inside the crater there are lots of hiking trails, what's left of an old miltary outpost, and loads of geologic things to explore.

From the top of Dimond Head lookout, Honolulu looks really crowded and developed.

Me and Mckenna. We had a good time.

I got the chance to spend a day diving, which was the one thing I wanted to do. I got spooked in Mexico and it was nice to see I could still do it, and enjoy it.

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