Saturday, November 7, 2009

Honolulu cityscapes

Anybody that knows me very well knows that one of the things I love to photo are buildings and things around cities. While I wasnt able to wander the city like I wanted to, I did get some nice shots. Lewers Street and Royal Hawaii Ave. have some great artwork and wide sidewalks to stroll. The only drawbacks are people and buses spoiling the frame. I guess people just don't get a person kneeling on a sidewalk with a camera, waiting for a light to change so that traffic is stopped in all directions.

Views from our 23rsd floor balcony.

Sunrise around 7 a.m. I am not a morning person. However, for whatever reason, I was up with the sun every morning this trip. I would have a cup of coffee and juice on the balcony (they call them lanais over there) and spend the first hour of the day watching the sunrise and reading. The rest of my travel companions would be snoring away so I had some peaceful mornings.

From my perch on the 23rd floor I watched freighters and cruise ships disappear over the horizon.
I took a bus ride around the city one day. It was the easist way to see a lot of the area. It's just amazing to see these tall towers standing in the sun from the oldest parts of Honolulu. When you think about how expensive it is to get building materials to the islands it's even more mind blowing.

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