Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Charleston, S.C. 2010

I haven't worked on this in awhile. Life keeps getting in the way. The April trip included an overnight trip to Charleston, S.C. Penny and I spent a day in historic Charleston, playing tourist and enjoying the old city. I'd love to see more of it. While the trip was in mid April the tourist traffic was in full swing. Parking near the shoreline was impossible.

One of the neatest locations is 'Angel Oak Tree' which is kinda off the beaten track. It's a 1500 year old tree, still alive and healthy in a campground.

Downtown historic Charleston has a population of citizens in the middle of what most people think of as a huge tourist destination. The homes are behind stone walls with hidden alleys and entrances. But if you walk the side streets you get a glimpse of beautiful courtyards and gardens.

The courtyards and gardens are hidden so well you actually have to do a little snooping down tiled alleys to see them. There were lots of 'for sale' signs in the windows, if you have the money to buy 1000-1500 sq. ft. for over a million dollars.

There is a historic theater on Queen St. The building has been completely restored and still has plays on the stage.

When you go through the building you come out into a courtyard that was used to stable the horses of theater goers. Now it's used as a small dining area before and after a play.

Like all historic towns the churches are important. There are several, all beautifully built with wonderful gardens and ancient cemeteries.

There is a great Irish Pub in a corner of one of the streets. Great place for a break, snack and a drink.

Then of course there is the bridge to get there. It's a great bridge.

Once I finally retire, I will spend a few days there.

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