Sunday, July 25, 2010

A moment of ranting

We interrupt my normal travel blog to rant about handicap access. Yesterday I spent several hours with Ken to get him a folding wheelchair. We can use it while we're shopping or in a mall or whenever he can't walk. Because he can't walk more than 5 or 6 steps without being in absolute pain.
Once we got the chair we went to the Sears Mall to find him a pair of shoes that will fit his terribly swollen feet. Got lucky there, a pair of moccasins 2 size above his normal size. Sears Mall is one of the oldest malls in Anchorage. Handicap parking spaces, yes, buttons to push and hold open doors, no. Handicap access bathrooms, yes. Doors that will admit a wheelchair, no. Ramps down sidewalks, yes. They're even marked. Doors that will open to the ramps no.

The main aisles of Sears are wide open for someone in a wheelchair. The aisles between clothes, no go. Aisles in a shoe store, no way. Needless to say I pushed lots of stuff out of the way.

And do you think there were anyone to assist someone in a wheelchair? Are you kidding me?

The handicap parking spaces closest to the doors are occupied by mini-vans with no tags or stickers. One car is running with a woman sitting in it while hubby runs in and gets coffee.

One of the things about Vegas is everything is very handicap accessible. That's because they have busloads of senior citizens there every day, playing slots and running around the casinos on scooters.

I really hope Charlotte is better. Else I may take up protest signs and march.

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