Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Villa DelPalmar Flamingo PV Mexico

January 2011 my girlfriend Leah and I took a week and went in search of warmer weather. We landed in a nice little resort called Villa DelPalmar Flamingo on the north end of Purteo Valarta, Mexico. We spent the week lying by the pool, walking the beach, shopping, riding horseback and taking little tours.

I highly recommend the location. It's far enough from PV that you need a bus or cab to get there, but close enough to enjoy it. There's a little village north of the resort with a great flea market.

Leah and I on the beach.

Walking the beach every morning seems to be a normal past time. It's peaceful and soothing, letting the stress peel away with every wave that washes over your feet.

Horseback riding is another great past time. We rode the beach and into the town, clopping, clopping on the cobblestones as we wandered down the streets with a guide.
Bucerias is directly north of PV on Banderas Bay. It's a tiny little village to wander on horseback and on foot, exploring and shopping. Many of the restaurants are decorated with murals inside and out.

We had a lovely lunch on the beach, watching the surf and dodging the beach vendors.

The view from our room. Villa Del Palmar Flamingo is a fairly new resort, all inclusive with 3 great restaurants and wonderful tiered pools.

The children's wading pool had wonderful sea turtles painted on the concrete.

Each pool contained a waterfall that tiered into the next pool.

And fountains to splash in.

Wed. night was a pirate show on the beach with a great buffet, bar and live entertainment.
Each table had its own ship centerpiece.

Leah enjoying a hammock on the beach.

The nicest guy in the resort.

Sunset over the pools. What a lovely way to spend the week.

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