Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dillingham in winter

My job takes me all over Alaska. Sometimes I go places in the middle of winter when it's clear and cold. Last week of February took me to Dillingham which is about an hour west of Anchorage in a small plane to spend a couple days at the airport with some consultants. I didn't take these photos because I was driving a Tahoe on the ice. I don't think Jesse will mind me borrowing them to share.

Arriving in Dillingham at the small terminal. Small airport equals small planes and small terminals. It actually has a coffee shop now. Welcome to Dillingham.

Driving around the airport means dodging drifts, berms and concentrate on what you're doing. Roads are pretty bad. Maximum speed 15 mph.

The airport perimeter road. You could go faster on ice skates. Jesse was busy with the camera; I was keeping the Tahoe under control. Studded tires, 4 wheel drive in low.

Part of driving on ice roads is dodging the plows taking care of large drifts.

Of course the local waters are full of ice. Doesn't matter if it is fresh or salt. So if the ocean is covered with ice boats can't be there.

So boats of all size and description spend the winters high and dry in a boat yard, waiting for the spring thaw.

Rows of boats sit in a boat yard. Come spring they'll be launched looking for fish.

The mountains on the other side of the bay. Wood Tikchik Mountains.

Miles and miles of miles and miles. Frozen tundra in the winter, bogs, swamps and shallow lakes in the summer.

If you want to explore this country make sure you have a GPS and emergency supplies. There aren't any villages or 7-11 for miles around once you leave Dillingham.

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