Friday, April 3, 2009

Camel camping and caravan

This is an aerial of the coast line we traveled via camel for 4 nights.

Getting the camels ready to go. 2 people per camel. Kid in front, adult in back. When there wasn't a kid onboard, the front saddle got filled with backpacks, and other gear. We had several kids on this trip and when they got bored with riding a camel they rode in the jeep with the chuck wagon.

Our first night out. Pitching camp with our chuck wagon. While a group of us rode via camel, a jeep with chuck wagon attached went in front of us to pitch camp. That way when we arrived all we had to do was pitch our tents.

First night out, sunset. Murray River/Lake is almost dry during the summer months, then the monsoon rains fill it. It becomes crusted with salt for an inch deep or so. We dismounted from the camels when we crossed the lake because it's slick and it's easier for the camels to keep their footing.
Riding along the edge of the lake/river. The camels like to nibble on the trees as we rode.

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Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

That camel trip is just way too cool. Definitely a great way to see The Coorong. We wanna explore it boat!