Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Camel Caravan along the beach

When a camel has to traverse uneven ground, like the side of a hill or a gully, our sure footed guide, Joe, led the way. He was the 12 year old son of our camel drivers. Very knowledgeable, very talented young man, who knew the local plants, birds and all the trails along the dunes. He ran in front of our camels the whole trip, pointing out things of interest.

One of our camels. They were very gentle and friendly. For all the bad reputation, camels are wonderful smart animals. I actually fell off my mount when I was trying to get off on the third day. The rest of the trip I had a camel guardian keeping an eye on me. He actually kissed me on the cheek when I successfully got back into the saddle.

Riding off into the sunset.

Joe, waiting on us to move out to the next stop.
The sand dunes we rode across.

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