Monday, April 20, 2009

San Diego, April 2009

I took a week and traveled to San Diego a couple weeks ago. Alaska is in the middle of breakup, a volcanic eruption and that equals mud, mud, mud. Time to go somewhere else, smell the flowers, sit by a pool and relax.

Downtown San Diego is so different from Anchorage. Beautiful, warm, clean and full of glass towers. Do you know I didn't see a single dirty car the whole time I was there?

Wide sidewalks, beautiful landscapes and places to enjoy the green grass. I could enjoy this area for a very long time. If only it wasn't to expensive to live there.

The scenery around the waterfront, from the deck of the USS Midway. The beginning of April and everything is green and blooming.

Amazing statue. A tribute to the Navy sailors returning to port after sea duty.

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