Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Australia 2006- more parks

I have no idea of the species of duck or goose. But they were protective of each other. I thought they were protecting a nest, but this is late summer, early fall.

Monarto Park has camels you can ride. I love camels. My first trip to Oz in 2001 introduced me to these wonderful creatures. I got to ride one on the beach.

Meerkats. This is a sentry. Meerkats are really neat. They always have one on watch while the rest of the tribe hunt and forage.

Russian steppe ponies. These ponies can trace their ancestry all the way back to ancient times, in the Siberian highlands. These small herds protected in parks around the world are all that is left of the species. Glenelg on the beach at Adelaide. A great place to start exploring Adelaide.

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