Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Austrailia 2006 Cairns

Trinity Links Resort in Cairns. Part of the World Mark network. Great place if you have a car. It's enough outside of the city that getting back and forth is a problem. Buses, taxis, etc. are absolutely needed.
Termite mounds. These things are all over the landscape. Hard as a rock and full of crawly white termites.
A strangler fig. A fig tree is a parasite. It climbs a tree and lives off of the host tree. When the host tree dies and falls, the fig wraps around the next tree and keeps going. It sends roots up and down, runners into surrounding trees and strangles them. This one is the biggest on the continent.
Had to go horseback riding at least once. Poor horse, it was sunburned and peeling.

The view from Tambourine Mountain. A bus trip not for the faint hearted. But a beautiful little town at the top, a winery and candy shop.

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