Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Did you know Adelaide is in Egypt?

Last year the Adelaide Museum reopened their Egyptian exhibit. I was so happy to spend a couple hours wandering through it. I will get to Egypt one of these days.

The blue woman is Nut, a sky goddess.

One of the symbols that represented 'woman' was a cow. Hathor was a fertility goddess. The murals are so awesome.

Of course if you visit Adelaide wineries are around every corner. This is a pretty one. It's very easy to spend the day sampling wines and cheeses. Make sure you have a driver.

A couple hours outside of Adelaide is a nice park made up of a dam and lake. The water in the lake is the water resource for all the surrounding communities.

Check out the little dinosaurs! These lorikeets love the berries on a cedar tree.

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Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Regarding the egyptian exhibit: I just think it's soooooo cool that we got to look at the actual scrolls of the original book of the dead!

As far as the lories are concerned, they aren't bothering with the tree out front this year. And the cockatoos have left the almond trees next door alone too.