Thursday, March 12, 2009

More of Chichen Itza

Images on the walls on either side of the ball court. Modern interpretations translate the carvings into a story of playing a deadly game, with the winning captain sacrificed to the gods. Some theorize that teams were from tribes scattered over a large area and this location was the 'play-offs' of a large scale competition. It was an honor to play and even more of an honor to die.

Kukulcan, the serpent god. The vertical rendition of Kukulcan is a representation of the shadow of the god that descended the stairs on the spring and fall equinox.

The iguanas know who their friend is.

More carvings telling the number of games, the number of players, sacrificed , and the gods that waited for the blood. The ruins at Coba aren't as detailed and there is no mention of bloody games. Some believe that the Toltec influence is at its greatest here, which started the tradition of sacrifices.

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