Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Walking Tulum

The ruins overlooking the ocean. From here you can see the ships crossing the horizon, from cruise ships, sailing vessels and ancient square riggers from across the ocean.

The buildings of Tulum still carry the carvings from the Mayans who lived here centuries ago. Study of the carvings tell of a rich history linked to the star observations, the seasons and the rain. The posts may be the foundation for posts that held up a roof, or maybe statues. The imagination does wonders as you walk the paths, imaging what was here thousand of years ago.

Manny, our tour guide for Tulum was of Mayan descent, his grandfather only spoke the Mayan language. He wove the stories of Tulum as we walked through the remains of the ancient city, emphasizing what was known from years of study, what had been passed down over the centuries. The one thing he was admant about, they weren't aliens, then or now.

The only local resident that lives within the remains of the city. Iguanas were every where and posed for our cameras without hesitation. You could see them sunning themselves on the tops of the walls, eyes watching the two legged invaders.


Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Hows abouts a sign on the trail posted "No swimming or YOU will feed the wildlife!"

I think that'd get my attention.

Mel Keegan said...

Terrific pictures, Anna -- I'm really enjoying this. Don't stop -- I swing by every day to see what's new. Mexico is a fascinating place ... I'm also looking forward to seeing Alaska through your lenses! Also Hawaii and Arizona, and the other places you've toured lately. Thank gods for digital cameras...!