Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mexico in 2009, minus the fear of drug cartels

Moon Palace, Cancun Mexico. You really want to indulge? Here's the place. You can spend all day beside one of 4 pools, have the servers bring you food and drink and never move until dark.

Me and and a girlfriend waiting for a golf cart. Need to go somewhere, flag down a golf cart, which circles the resort about every 10 minutes. Oh, did you know that you can grab anything you want to drink and carry it with you as you go? Who ever heard of open container laws?

Pools range from wading deep to 4 feet. Reflecting pools with lounge chairs and tables. Too warm, drop your feet or hands into the water and cool off.

Lie by the beach and a server brings you a drink or sandwich. Music blares from loudspeakers and depending on which part of the beach you can listen to rock and roll, Spanish guitar or classical. Or pick a reflecting pool and listen to the sounds of nothing but nature.

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