Friday, March 20, 2009

Scenes from around Isla Mujeres, Moon Palace

Wade and a new friend. There are several locals selling various trinkets on Isla Mujeres near the lighthouse. Tried coconut milk from a coconut, bought some shells and Leah found a beautiful hand painted plate.

Don't pet the bird. It visits only if it wants to. Birds and I don't get along.

A sculpture garden along the cliff path on Isla. While a lot of the sculptures are hard to understand, a sailing ship is easy to see.

The path winds through the sculptures, each one an effort from a local artist, or school group, or organization.

Our favorite Mexican restaurant in Moon Palace. They have a group that plays every night. Who could believe that you could get Mexican music from a harp?

Leah went walking along the beach. As soon as she left the resorts' influence lots of trash showed up on the beach. Her sandals make a nice contrast don't you think?

It's a shame to see beaches covered with trash in such a beautiful location.

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Junta de Estudios Históricos del Distrito Ezeiza said...

Su página es muy bonita. Adelante, lo seguimos
Juan Carlos