Friday, March 27, 2009

Road trips are always so interesting

Australia has beautiful and huge trees. Makes you want to stop and climb one doesn't it?

One of the most incredible things to see from a cold Alaskan point of view is a white beach. It's the middle of summer here, on a weekend: the beach is almost empty. Why? Can there be that many beaches that you can find one without crowds? Guess so.

The other thing that is a marvel from someone not used to Australian waters is to find a patrol boat near the beach, watching for sharks. Maybe that is one reason there aren't a lot of people in the water. There was even a helicopter in the air.

It's a koloa bear. They are like big fur lumps in the trees. When you're walking the trails you might get lucky to see one or maybe more. They sleep all day.

And sometimes you find a creepy crawly that you don't want around. Like a spider. This one had spun its web between the eves of the house, and the swimming pool. Beautiful creepy crawly.

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