Saturday, May 23, 2009

Anchorage and around, Spring 2009

Anchorage does have some beautiful glass towers scattered through downtown. Sometimes you get a sunny day with nice reflections.

And then you get the downtown Saturday market during the summer. A little bit of everything in the tents, from food to clothes. The Killer Shrimp was a little cajun, with bread to dip into the sauce.

A drive down the Seward highway encompasses of the most beautiful scenery in the state. That's me at Alyeska ski resort.

There's a great destination at Bird Point. A path with interpretative signs winds through the area, telling someone about Turnagain Arm, the wildlife, tides and history. Bring your bicycles and ride the bike path. It's totally separate from the highway with great overlooks.

During the summer months beluga whales used to be plentiful in the Turnagain Arm waters. You could see the white humps in the water as they chased salmon, smelt and other small fish up the Arm.
The whale are just about gone now. About 300 still live in the Arm and Cook Inlet. Not enough to be a viable population for generations. Maybe they'll get lucky. Because we don't see them as often, the bike path has included all sorts of representations of them, as if you could still see them in the water.

Some scenes around the Turnagain Arm. From bogs to forest, cliffs to water, mudflats to waterfalls, this drive gives you a little bit of everything.

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