Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Las Vegas around the strip

Vegas is built in a desert. And water fountains are all over the place. While they are things of beautiful and are great to cool off next to by standing in the spray, the only way I think you can justify the water use is that it's all recycled water.

Another thing about Vegas, it is always under construction. I have never seen so many construction cranes. New towers, new casinos, new amusement venues. Glass and steel everywhere.
Another fountain. I didn't count how many I walked by, just walking a few minutes. Of course none of these fountains hold a candle to the fountains at the Bellisago. Which I didn't get any footage of!

The entrance to the MGM Grand. Did I mention fountains? The MGM is so big, you can't walk it from one end to the other in less than an hour. Its claim to fame is the lion habitat inside. But it's too big to really enjoy it. You get turned around trying to walk through the maze of gaming tables and wear yourself out trying to find a bathroom!

The Luxor. The only reason I would go back to Vegas is this casino designed to be a salute to Egypt. Which I understand the whole theme is going to be tore down in the near future. The attention to detail in its replication of the pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx is just incredible.

The pool at the Excalibur. A wonderful place to do nothing. From cabanas to a bar pool side to live music every afternoon, it's got everything you need to relax. Comfy lounges, large umbrellas to hide under to get out of the sun, an area for adults only, water slides, and attentive servers. My big complaint, it closed at 8 pm because it's not lit. When the mid day temperatures are over 100, and drop to 90 at dusk, seems to me you'd want to enjoy it when it's cooler.

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