Thursday, May 14, 2009

Vegas, Star Trek Hilton

The entrance to the Star Trek museum with huge models of all the starships over your head as you walk in.

The last thing I got to do was spend most of the afternoon at the Star Trek Hilton hotel. I did not know this existed. And now it's gone. The whole theme hotel has changed to something else. The interior was designed to look like a large portion of space station Deep Space 9, from furnishings to lighting. The elevator doors are all designed to look like turbo-lifts entrances. A large number of the personnel wear Star Trek related uniforms, at the very least, a communicator badge or insignia. The doors of the elevators.

There is a huge museum on the lower levels. Of course there is a price associated with it, but the price comes with 2 virtual reality rides. The rides are great and you totally get pulled into the reality of 2 battles.
The museum takes the timeline of all the Star Trek movies and series and incorporates them into the history of the universe. The timeline starts with the first tentative steps into space with the Sputnik, goes through the lunar landings and brings in Cockrams' rocket from the movie First Contact. It keeps going, so full of detail and information it's almost overwhelming. Clips and photos from the series, the movies, actual history, the arc you walk to visit everything takes hours. At the end of it, it's hard to know which is reality and which is not, until you step back outside the hotel to take a monorail and see Las Vegas in the 21st century.

The museum contains models, artwork, costumes, props, weapons, the list goes on. Each item contains details of what episode and movie it was used in, how it is used, etc.

Many of the alien costumes are displayed, along with clips of the episodes that the aliens are from.

The location is extremely popular for weddings. There aren't too many places in the universe where you can get married with a Starfleet uniformed best man or maid of honor, or honor guard of Klingons. The security people through out the hotel are dressed as Romulans, carrying phasers and communicators. Of course, the cell phones that are real are smaller and more detailed than the communicators from the series. Isn't it amazing that we've already passed what Star Trek predicted for the 23rd century?

One of the greatest places on Deep Space 9. Quarks' bar was the place everyone gathered from time to time.

Our local Fergeni representative. Running Quark's is just one of his DS9 activities.

Where else can you share a drink with a Klingon and a Starfleet officer?

Me and a Klingon stopping in for lunch. Don't drink the Saurian brandy. Not a drink for the faint hearted.

And then the Borg have to show up! Fortunately this one wasn't interested in acclimating anyone.

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Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

That is just so cool! Bummer that it's not there no more :(