Friday, May 8, 2009

Vegas, The Venetian

The Venetian Casino has got to be the most beautiful casino on the Strip. The artwork is beyond belief, from statues to paintings to the walls and ceilings. This is Ken at one of the restaurants. We had a wonderful dinner there, without the dinner menu. Can't afford the dinner menu. But the bar menu is wonderful, for a lot less. Try their Lemon Drops. A great martini.

The ceilings are reproductions of ceilings in famous buildings in Europe. You can spend hours just reading the plaques of what each ceiling panel is a copy of. The same goes for the floors.

Ken, me and one of the roaming performers. She played a wonderful accordion selection that echoed off the walls and ceiling.

The Venetian is famous for one thing, the canals. There is a series of water filled canals, on the second floor, with a gondola, complete with rower and singer. You can rent a gondola for half hour to an hour, and be serenaded while you're being rowed from one spot to another.

I was totally blown away. The canals are lined by wonderful shops and art galleries. The rower is singing as he rows, his voice echoing through the halls. If Venice is like this, I want to go there. Another one of the things you can spend the day enjoying, without ever stepping foot into the casino section. And it's on the second floor! The question I never got answered, how much does all this water weigh? and what happens if there is a leak?

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